Practical Language

The content and the structure can be immediately applied to real life situation.

Powerful Re-enforcement

Two series of textbooks are combined to help students make astounding progress. 

Fundamental Characters

Quickly learn 320 carefully selected and most frequently used Chinese characters.  

Extensive Exercises

Achieve fluency through fun and challenging exercises focusing on form and function.

Our Professional Services

MSL Master is an expert in teaching Mandarin as a second language and a top provider of Mandarin courses and textbooks.

Chinese Textbooks

Designed for people who are 16 years or older. Topics are repeated in greater depth. Languages are practical and functional. 

Mandarin Courses

Inro, Basic, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Mandarin courses are offered. Choose from private, group classes or audio lessons.


Meet fellow learners and have a good time at different online or on-site workshops, which target specific areas.

Ask before Shop

Both sample book pages and audio lessons are available at request. All questions are welcome.


Minutes of Audio

Hours Program

Happy Days

What our students says

  • "Teachers, materials and pace, everything is perfect. The teacher makes the lesson living and interesting. Very much fun to learn. Keep doing like this."
    image Steve
  • “The teachers are all excellent. I am enjoying the teaching method. This is the 3rd school I’ve tried and it’s the best one. The classes are fun and I’m learning a lot.”
    image Michael
  • "The Intensive Program is very thorough and comprehensive. MSL is a wonderful Chinese language school. And I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Chinese."
    image Julie and Mary
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