Mandarin Express Intro Level A Student's Book

Mandarin Express Intro Level A is the first introductory book of this series. It is designed for beginners with zero background in Mandarin. Intro Level A focuses on 10 fundamental topics and provides the students with around 300 essential words and phrases, introduced in a conversational context.

ISBN: 978-988-13662-0-7
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Publisher: MSL Master
Category: Mandarin speaking and listening textbook
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 68
Audio: 1 CD (47 min) 


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Book Reviews:

"The Mandarin Express students books are excellent. The reality is that learning mandarin is hard and takes time - particularly if you have no natural aptitude for languages like me. The Mandarin Express books get you communicating with people as quickly as possible.

"My goal when I started was simply to learn to speak with people in a really basic way, so I could explore China a bit more. The books were perfect for this because the lessons start with pinyin and each lesson is organised around the vocabulary you need for a common topic of conversation. Shorftly after I started, I went backpacking in Yunnan. I discovered I could make my way around and even have simple discussions with people. The conversations would take a few minutes to get started, because the person I was speaking with would have to figure out the limits of my vocabulary, but I could express myself about a wide range of things. One of the lessons revolved around food and dishes. It was a lifesaver when I found myself in a restaurant where no-one spoke English and I couldn't read the menu.

"My early success made me keen to continue with the language. As I discovered, the books then helped me make the transition from pinyin to Chinese characters, which is essential if you want to develop fluency. In this too, the books are organised around the characters you most commonly encounter and need for understanding, so that you can feel yourself progressing day by day. I completed all of the books and am now reading Chinese writers in Chinese (albeit with the help of the dictionary on my smartphone!). It has opened up an amazing world of culture for me."

- Nathan Dentice

"This was my third book I had tried in learning Mandarin. The others were not as well structured and thought out. The book is well organised and allows you to learn at your own pace without missing anything vital. I would encourage beiginners to try this method and accompany it with the work book and CD from same author. You dont get bored with this and if you complete the exercises properly you know you are making progress. Highly recommend this."

- Sean Mcgarvey