Mandarin Express Basic Level B Student's Book

Mandarin Express Basic Level B is the second book of this level. It also focuses on 10 important topics. Basic Level B brings the students adequate sentence patterns, words and phrases to further their ability to express themselves and to navigate in real life.

ISBN: 978-988-13662-6-9
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Publisher: MSL Master
Category: Mandarin speaking and listening textbook
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 73
Audio: 1 CD (36 min)


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Book Reviews:

"A nice follow through from Basic Level A continuing with the structure of using daily activities or situations to provide context and therefore meaningful and immediately applicable usage of Mandarin. As always, rate of acquisition is dependent on how actively you review what is taught. If you've gotten this far...keep going!"

- Keong Hui