Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B Student's Book

Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B is the second book of this level. It also focuses on 10 advanced topics. The course takes on many different contemporary issues, such as pollution, crimes and economy, and helps the students articulate their thoughts in Mandarin. Short, concise and in-depth readings are incorporated into the text to increase the students' reading and writing abilities.

ISBN: 978-988-13831-8-1
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Publisher: MSL Master
Category: Chinese textbook
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication time: 2014
Pages: 85
Audio: 1 CD (76 min)


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Book Reviews:

"The follow through and expansion of vocabulary from Pre-Intermediate A is significant as is the need to continue revisiting previous lessons so as to move words and phrases from short term memory to something that is ingrained. A realistic measure of grasp of Chinese at this point is simply to try and listen to the news - preferably a channel with subtitles - and to realize that genuine headway has been made. Motivation to push through is there because it is no longer all Greek!! The feeling is that by following this program, fluency is within grasp. Well worth it!"

- Keong Hui