Within the framework of Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series, MSL Master delivers well targeted and best designed Mandarin classes. Students enjoy practical and challenging exercises and improve quickly through interactive drills. The entire curriculum transforms the students from total beginners into fluent Mandarin speakers. 



Private Mandarin Lessons

Students enjoy flexible schedule and are able to progress at their own pace. Tuition includes course materials.

Tuition fee for 1 person:

  • 20-hour package: HK$9,800 (HK$490/hour)
  • 30-hour package: HK$13,500 (HK$450/hour)

Tuition fee for 2 people:

  • 20-hour package: HK$13,800 (HK$690/hour)
  • 30-hour package: HK$19,500 (HK$650/hour)



Group Mandarin Classes

Group classes are fun and an excellent way to share a great learning experience with fellow students. The maximum intake per class is 6 people.

Fee: HKD3750 per 10 classes. Each class is 1.5 hours (course materials included)
For more info, write to aprilzhang@mslmaster.com


Introduction Course:

  • Mandarin Express Intro Level A
    30-hour program. Students get a quick start with topics such as time, place, and daily routine.

Foundation Courses:

  • Chinese Reading and Writing 1
    15-hour program. With 70 characters and many illustrations, students gain essential knowledge about Chinese writing system.
  • Mandarin Express Intro Level B
    32-hour program. Students learn and practice on topics such as jobs, weather, and furniture.
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 2
    20-hour program. With 50 new characters, students begin to write short stories and conversations.
  • Mandarin Express Basic Level A
    32-hour program. Students' speaking skills are expanded to cover more areas, such as music, travels, and extended families.
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 3
    20-hour program. With 50 new characters, students practice on long paragraphs.
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 4
    20-hour program. With 50 new characters, students begin to write about more complex topics.
  • Mandarin Express Basic Level B
    32-hour program. Students practice on emotions and feelings, age groups and sports, geography, and etc.
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 5
    25-hour program. With 50 new characters, students practice to read and write long and interesting stories.
  • Chinese Reading and Writing 6
    25-hour program. With 50 new characters, students gain a more rapid and improved Chinese reading and writing ability.

Development Courses:

  • Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level A
    80-hour program. Students develop more comprehensive language ability through discussing turning points, neighbourhood, celebrations, and etc.
  • Mandarin Express Pre-Intermediate Level B
    80-hour program. Students practice and exchange views on contemporary issues, such as pollutions, crimes, economy, and etc.

Acculturation Courses:

  • Mandarin Express Intermediate Level A
    120-hour program. While continue to improve language skills, students gain cultural literacy through texts on historical events, world issues, and etc.
  • Mandarin Express Intermediate Level B
    120-hour program. Students are exposed to, and are encouraged to seek additional information about, world famous texts ranging from 2100BCE till the 20th century.



Mandarin Audio Lessons

Audio lessons are very effective. Students have the opportunity to practice again and again on targeted languages and structures. They are great tools for self study and revision.

All lessons are in tutorial format, 16-25 minutes long, featuring incremental progress with a focus on speaking and listening. Structures and vocabularies are explained in English. April has recorded and produced a total of 40 audio lessons, covering Mandarin Express Intro Level and Basic Level.

The cost is HK$120 per lesson. Free sample lessons are available at request.