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Taking students from beginners to Chinese language fluency and cultural literacy with two series of communication based Chinese textbooks and interactive Mandarin lessons.

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Expanding the toolkit for teachers and learners of Mandarin as a second language with in-depth analyses on the best way of learning Chinese and fun class activities.

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Speak fluent Mandarin, understand Chinese culture, enjoy more when travelling to China, read famous Chinese novels, get more insight into Chinese political and financial environment, and build solid personal and business relationship with Chinese people. 

Our interactive and fun Mandarin lessons, supported by well designed Chinese textbooks, have helped non-Chinese speakers achieve great success in Chinese language proficiency and cultural literacy. We also help Chinese teachers boost their teaching skills, and use less time to prepare better and more effective lesson plans. Moreover, our latest and the most innovative Chinese Learning Pen and App will bring Chinese learning and teaching to a new level.

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This resource centre teaches Chinese grammar (You might have got it all wrong!), class activities, learning tips and strategies, and insights into Chinese language. All are free, with no opt-in required. 

Enjoy these wonderful resources and enjoy more in the future, as new articles are added from time to time. 

Also, if you have got an exciting idea on Chinese teaching and learning, we are happy to hear from you!

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Know more about Chinese language and culture in all related aspects, including the history, the most influential people and their impact on the world. And follow MSL Master wherever you are. This is where we announce our latest product development, participation in major international book fairs and conferences, and more! 

MSL Master & Teacher April Zhang

We are a Hong Kong based education solution company with a focus on teaching and learning Mandarin as a Second Language. We develop Chinese learning materials and teaching methodologies for non-Chinese speakers. MSL Partners are passionate Chinese teachers who we work with to improve Chinese teaching and learning worldwide.

Chinese language teacher April Zhang is the owner of MSL Master. She is also the writer of Chinese Reading and Writing series and Mandarin Express series, and many articles on different aspects of teaching and learning Chinese. Her Bachelor's degree was in Mechanical Engineering, and her Master's degree in Cultural and Literary Studies.

During her early career, she taught English to Chinese speakers, and later turned her focus to teaching Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers. Her experience as a bilingual teacher has given her insight on the process of learning and how cultural differences affect learning outcomes. Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series are the outcomes of over a decade development, which fully integrate targeted exercises with functionality, structures, and cultural interests.

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