Chinese Reading and Writing 2 Online Lessons with Teacher April

Continue to learn how to read and write Chinese with free online video lessons, presented by Chinese teacher April Zhang.

You are now at Chinese Reading and Writing 2 of Chinese Reading and Writing series.

Free Online Video Lessons

Chinese Reading and Writing 2

The following video lessons are based on Chinese Reading and Writing 2. This book contains five lessons and one chapter for review, presents 50 new Chinese characters, and illustrates how to use them (together with the 70 characters taught previously) with 166 words and combinations, 229 sentences, 21 conversations, and 9 short reading materials.

In addition, ten particular Chinese language points are explained with examples, and two special characters are introduced.

Lesson 6 - Characters

As a continuation of Chinese Reading and Writing 1, Chinese Reading and Writing 2 starts at Lesson 6. “Awareness, expansion, practice and consolidation” continues to be the lesson format. 

This lesson covers the beginning of Lesson 6, teaching you 10 new Chinese characters, how to read them, how to write them, and their meanings.

Lesson 6 - Words and Combinations

In this lesson, April presents 46 words and combinations which use the newly learned Chinese characters in Lesson 6 and the ones learned previously. Comparing to the increase of individual characters, the increase of the words and expressions is exponential. 

Practice reading and writing these words. They are the building blocks of the exercises in Lesson 6.

Lesson 6 - Grammar

This lesson presents five important grammar points in Lesson 6, including: 1) 在 + V., 2) V. + 了, 3) Yes/No questions, 4) 几, and 5) 都. 

April gives many examples to demonstrate the structures and usages. All examples are written using the characters taught in Lesson 6 and in Chinese Reading and Writing 1. 

Moreover, April would like to stress that 了 is definitely not about past tense.

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