MSL Master Chinese learning pen

The MSL Master Chinese Learning pen allows students to bring the teacher anywhere as an aid when learning Chinese.

Working together with White Gate, an innovative Irish tech company, MSL Master released its Chinese learning pen prototype in June 2018. Now the MSL textbooks can be produced with full audio integrated into the pages. The audio comprises both high-quality native-Chinese voicing and the English teaching support and direction. Students can now access all the lessons and associated support through the learning pen, and follow the MSL Chinese curriculum anywhere, anytime.

The learning pen is used to scan icons and texts on the pages of the books to produce the audio. It can also record the student speaking Chinese so their speech can be compared to the native voice. In addition, an app on the student's phone or tablet connects via Bluetooth to the learning pen allowing students to be exposed to additional materials and instructions.

This learning pen is a new addition to MSL Master's result-driven textbooks and pioneering teaching methods. It can add a whole new level of interactivity and increasing involvement from students.

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