Bring your Chinese study to a new level

Chinese Learning Pen is a new and exciting addition to MSL Master's Chinese textbooks and a new tool to combine the printing materials with the computer environment. It allows students to bring the teacher anywhere as an aid when learning Chinese.

There is always room for innovation

Working together with White Gate, an innovative Irish tech company, MSL Master released its Chinese learning pen prototype in June 2018. Now the MSL textbooks can be produced with full audio integrated into the pages. The audio comprises both high-quality native-Chinese voicing and the English teaching support and direction. Students can now access all the lessons and associated support through the learning pen, and follow the MSL Chinese curriculum anywhere, anytime.

The learning pen is used to scan icons and texts on the pages of the books to produce the audio. It can also record the student speaking Chinese so their speech can be compared to the native voice. In addition, an app on the student's phone or tablet connects via Bluetooth to the learning pen allowing students to be exposed to additional materials and instructions.

As we explore, experiment, and bring in new technology into Chinese teaching and learning, this learning pen became the new addition to MSL Master's textbooks. It can add a whole new level of interactivity and increasing involvement from students.

Getting Started

How it works

Make sure the Chinese Learning Pen is charged and turned on. Select the audio output by touching any part of the book's front cover. And start learning!

APP features

Characters can be animated on the phone or tablet screen. Word boundaries are highlighted to help students understand the meaning of sentences.

Main features

The book incorporates teacher's notes for students to get learning instruction, and detailed explanation about some key topics. The pen has a high quality audio output and also can compare students' speaking to the teacher's.

Connect the pen and APP

Chinese Learning Pen and the APP can be connected via bluetooth, and direct the audio output through phone or tablet. 

Powerful Sound

Audio output is high quality voicing recorded by native Chinese speakers.

Power Saving

The battery life of the pen can last up to ten hours in bluetooth mode, four to five hours in audio mode.

Books available for the Chinese Learning Pen

White Gate works hard to re-produce all the books in both series, Chinese Reading and Writing series and Mandarin Express series, with the latest technology incorporated.

Currently materials teaching Chinese reading and writing are really sketchy and dictionary-ish, therefore we selected Chinese Reading and Writing 1 as the first book to be fully transformed and compatible with the Chinese Learning Pen technology. 

Price and discount

Even though the final price is not decided yet, the guiding principle is clear. The Chinese learning pen must be very accessible to most of the students, teachers and schools. 

And during the introductory period, there will be free samples to be grabbed.

We welcome schools, language learning centres, teachers and students to contact us for the latest updates. 

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