What’s new, Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0?

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 has been integrated with a new technology which can activate Chinese Learning Pen, and bring out high quality audio output through the pen. Here we are going to explain briefly the differences between a regular Chinese Reading and Writing book and an technologically enhanced one. 

Let’s call the enhanced version Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0. 

Higher quality paper

When holding a copy of Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0 book, nothing seems to be different from a regular book, except the book 2.0 is printed on higher quality paper. 

Indeed, that’s the beauty of the Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0 book. It looks like a regular book, and it feels like a regular book. You can do all sort of things you do on a regular book, underlining texts, writing notes, folding a dog ear, or doodling on it.

A new icon

When flipping the pages, you’ll notice this small icon  appears on a few pages. This is something a regular Chinese Reading and Writing book does not have. 

This icon does not interrupt the flow of the Chinese texts. You can ignore it when you are using the book 2.0 as a regular book. 

However, when using a Chinese Learning Pen touches this icon, you’ll hear some explanatory notes in English, explaining an important point in the book. This is the supporting Teacher’s note.

The real difference is nearly invisible

The real difference between a regular Chinese Reading and Writing book and a book 2.0 is nearly invisible. It’s an extra layer printed on each page. 

If you look really hard, or use a magnifying glass, you’ll see a massive amount of tiny dots spreading throughout the pages. This layer of dots is the real difference, and it is what the Chinese Learning Pen reads. 

Have fun learning Chinese

With this super cool technology integrated into the pages, Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0 books can be used as any regular books, or can become alive when you want them to be. When you touch them with a Chinese Learning Pen, they will respond to your touches. 

The native Chinese voicing incorporated into the pages accelerates your Chinese character recognition process, and improves both your listening skills and Chinese pronunciations. Supporting teacher’s notes help clear out issues, or can be ignored totally when you don’t want them! 

Read the Chinese Learning Pen User Guide here.

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