Chinese Reading and Writing

Memorise Chinese characters better. Develop solid Chinese reading skills. Write Chinese with clarity and intelligibility. All starts with 320 Chinese characters. 

The complete Chinese Reading and Writing series teaches 320 Chinese characters, and transforms a student from knowing nothing about the Chinese writing system to someone who can read and write Chinese with great confidence. 

Technologically Enhanced Edition

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 Enhanced Edition

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 is made better with three enhanced features, providing QR Codes for online Chinese lessons, supporting the use of Chinese Learning Pen, and giving additional teacher’s explanations for particular language points.

2nd Edition

Chinese Reading and Writing 1

Starting from strokes, this book teaches students 70 most frequently used Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences and short conversations.

Chinese Reading and Writing 2

Continuing from the previous book, this book teaches students 50 new Chinese characters and how to use 120 characters in sentences, conversations and short narratives.

Chinese Reading and Writing 3

This book continues to teach students 50 new Chinese characters, and how to use 170 characters effectively in reading and writing longer and more sophisticated Chinese texts.

Chinese Reading and Writing 4

Building on the previous books, this book teaches students 50 new Chinese characters. Students will be able to read and write interesting stories with 220 Chinese characters.

Chinese Reading and Writing 5

Continuing from the book 4, this book teaches another 50 new Chinese characters and presents long and fascinating stories written within 220 Chinese characters.

Chinese Reading and Writing 6

This is the last book of the series, bringing students another 50 Chinese characters, and presenting engaging Chinese texts written within 320 Chinese characters. 

The Secret of Learning Chinese Reading and Writing

Chinese characters is the biggest reason that Chinese is so difficult to learn. Countless people have failed because they tried to learn too many characters too quickly. Hard work did not pay off. After numerous hours spent on tedious mechanical copying and memorisation, they got so bored and eventually quit learning. In the end, they are left with a pitiful amount of Chinese characters, and are hardly able to read or write simple paragraphs. 

To prevent this from happening, one must limit the number of characters to start, gain conceptual insight to the Chinese writing system, and most importantly, must not spend too much time studying radicals which do not contribute to developing reading and writing skills at all. 

Chinese writing books

How many Chinese characters do you need to learn?

For beginner students, we set that number at 320 Chinese characters, which will enable students to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Deconstruct a Chinese sentence

Deconstructing Chinese texts is the key to learn how to read Chinese

The Chinese writing system does not provide any spaces between words, that means, we have to deconstruct Chinese texts into smaller groups by ourselves.

four steps of learning Chinese reading and writing

The learning path of the Chinese Reading and Writing series

Awareness, expansion, practice and consolidation, this simple format helps students quickly develop Chinese reading and writing abilities.

Chinese radicals and bushou

It is not necessary to spend too much time studying radicals

Radicals have played an important role in learning Chinese. However, spending too much time on radicals no longer makes any sense.

computer input Chinese

Heed the fifth language skill in learning Chinese

In addition to listening, speaking, reading and writing, there is the fifth Chinese language skill students must develop, and the early the better.

mi zi ge

Write good Chinese

People love well written Chinese. It could be calligraphy where Chinese characters become an expressive form of art, or beautiful Chinese texts which transcend the world.

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