Chinese Reading and Writing

Memorise Chinese characters better. Develop solid Chinese reading skills. Write Chinese with clarity and intelligibility with 320 Chinese characters. 

Technologically Enhanced Edition

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 Enhanced Edition

The first book to learn reading and writing Chinese. Students learn strokes, stroke orders, 70 Chinese characters and how to use them in sentences and paragraphs.

Chinese Reading and Writing 2 Enhanced Edition

This book teaches 50 new Chinese characters and presents 229 sentences, 21 conversations, and 9 short readings as illustrations to show how these 50 characters are used.

Chinese Reading and Writing 3 Enhanced Edition

This book teaches 50 new Chinese characters and their combinations, and includes 242 sentences, 13 conversations and 6 narratives as reading and writing exercises.

Chinese Reading and Writing 4 Enhanced Edition

This book introduces 50 new Chinese characters and over 200 words and combinations, which enable students to read and write longer Chinese texts.

Chinese Reading and Writing 5 Enhanced Edition

This book teaches 50 new characters and well over 200 words and combinations. The exercise sections include 347 sentences and 12 long stories, the longest in the entire series.

Chinese Reading and Writing 6 Enhanced Edition

This final book of the series presents 50 new characters and over 300 words and combinations. 337 sentences and 12 interesting readings are provided as reading exercises.

Introducing Chinese Reading and Writing series

No pictures, no radicals, no components, no pinyin, this series of Chinese Reading and Writing textbooks concentrates all effort to help beginner students build up solid Chinese reading and writing skills.

four steps of learning Chinese reading and writing

The learning path of the Chinese Reading and Writing series

Awareness, expansion, practice and consolidation, this simple format helps students quickly develop Chinese reading and writing abilities.

Chinese Reading and Writing 1

What’s new, Chinese Reading and Writing 2.0?

Find out the difference between a regular Chinese Reading and Writing book and a technologically enhanced book which the Chinese Learning Pen supports.


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