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Easy-to-Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 1

For Chinese Learners, By Chinese Learners


  • 17 best entries from Chinese Writing Contest 2021

  • Presented in simplified Chinese, pinyin, and English

About This Book

This is the first book in the series that is for Chinese learners and by Chinese learners.

Early in 2021, Chinese learners worldwide were invited to participate in the first MSL Master Chinese Writing Contest. Entries were limited to using 320 unique Chinese characters. Out of 82 submissions, 17 of them were ranked the highest in a public vote on Twitter. These top-ranked works were included in this book, a wonderful collection of very short stories, poems and a mini play.

The 17 authors were from eight regions and countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States. 

Some were younger; some older. Some were still studying in schools; some were working professionals. Some had not studied Chinese for long; Some had put in many years of time and effort. Most of them were learning Chinese in a non-Chinese speaking environment. Most of them were learning Chinese as a second or a third language. Despite all their differences, they shared the passion for Chinese, and together, they created worlds that were full of love, desire and ambition.

In their hands, the 320 characters were like a sheet of loose sand, some made a cute figurine; some made a magnificent castle; some made a powerful computer chip. Some writings were lyrical and simple; some used more literary language to present a complex picture. This unevenness, a natural spectrum, is often found in Chinese classes. Therefore, this book can be appreciated by both beginner students and advanced students.

Don’t consider this book as a magnum opus. Instead, appreciate the sparkling minds and original thoughts from all these burgeoning authors. Their writing careers did not stop at 320 Chinese characters. Some of them may shine in the literary world in the future. We’ll be glad to claim the credit that we have had the first glimpse.

Also, you may not like all 17 of them. That’s the way it is for everything. It’s like listening to radio. Different people prefer different songs. If you can be inspired by some, this book serves its purpose.

Read a sample story or listen to the free audio book below.


Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13832-1-1

Editors: April Zhang and Jeff Pepper

Edition: First Edition

Publication time: 2022

Pages: 153

Easy to read Chinese Short Stories

Sample Pages

Listen to the Free Audio Book Here

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