Stroke-order is taught in all Chinese reading and writing classes, and has made its appearance in all software, APPs and flashcards teaching Chinese characters. It is often regarded as the most important thing that students must learn.

Another thing Moser repeatedly talks about is that the Chinese writing system is difficult. I totally agree, and I will give additional points and examples to elaborate. Nobody can ever make Chinese writing system easy.

There are six workshops under this theme. Each workshop explains one specific aspect of Chinese characters, such as the form, the pictorial origins, radicals, and etc. Participating through these workshops will give you a better understanding of Chinese characters and their history. All levels of Mandarin learners are welcome. Each workshop is 20-30 minutes long.

Areas explained are:

  1. Chinese character formation
  2. Pictographic characters
  3. Associative characters
  4. Indicative characters
  5. Xingsheng characters
  6. Chinese radicals