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Mandarin audio lessons Basic level A

Audio Lessons

Mandarin Express Basic Level A

The third audio course. It includes a total of 12 audio lessons. Listen to two sample lessons here, Lesson 4 & Lesson 10.

Lesson 1 - hěn gāoxìng rènshí nǐ 很高兴认识你!

“It’s nice to meet you!”

Welcome to the first audio lesson of the Basic Level A!

In this lesson, you’ll practice asking and answering questions about businesses, and practice introducing people, including yourself, in a business context. 

Important vocabularies are presented, such as how to say “department” and “headquarter” in Chinese, and how to use these new vocabularies into conversations.

At the end of the lesson, you’ll hear some information about a famous person. Guess who this person is.

Lesson 2 - nǐ měitiān dū zuò shénme 你每天都做什么?

“What are you busy with everyday?”

“Busy with work” is the theme of this lesson.

In this lesson, you’ll practice how to say your job duties in Chinese, such as how to say “to attend a meeting” and “to visit client” in Chinese, and use them to describe your work schedule.

Lesson 3 - wǒ hěn xǐhuān báisè de 我很喜欢白色的。

“I like white ones.”

In this lesson, the focus is shopping!

You’ll learn and practice how to compare between two different items, how to ask for a different size, and also practice getting a discount, and do everything in Chinese.

Lesson 4 - nǐ xǐhuān shénme yīnyuè 你喜欢什么音乐?

“What music do you like?”

Music is such a good topic to talk about. In this lesson, you will learn how to say different genres in Chinese and talk about your media related preferences in general.

An important sentence pattern is introduced in this lesson for you to say longer sentences with no fear.

Lesson 5 - Wǒ gēge qùnián bānjiā le 我哥哥去年搬家了。

“My older brother moved house last year.”

The theme of this lesson is about families, talking about what everyone is up to recently. 

It is also a good opportunity to learn about Chinese family titles, how you address your father’s mother is different from how you address your mother’s mother, and there are just so many ways to say “cousin” in Chinese. Don’t think these complicated titles as titles per se. Rather, think how these titles reflect the intricate connections in Chinese society.

Lesson 1 - 5 Review

We’ve learned a lot during the previous five lessons, introducing yourself in a business context, shopping, music and families. All are important stuff. 

It’s time to do some review, and speak Chinese more coherently. 

Join the conversations!

Lesson 6 - wǒ de jiānbǎng hěn kuān 我的肩膀很宽。

“My shoulders are broad.”

Describing people is the theme of this lesson, whether this person’s nose is big or not, whether this person is shy or not, you’ll be able to say it clearly. 

Lesson 7 - Wǒ yào yīge běijīng kǎoyā 我要一个北京烤鸭。

“I want a Peking Duck.”

Ordering drinks, dishes and deserts is the focus of this lesson. You’ll learn the names of some common Chinese food, and you’ll never fear ordering yummy food in small local restaurants anywhere while you’re travelling in China.

Lesson 8 - zhōumò yúkuài 周末愉快!

“Have a nice weekend!”

This is what this lesson is about, weekend activities. You’ll practice talking about the previous weekend and planning for the next one, also weighing options when there are multiple things that you can do.

Lesson 9 - wǒ xiǎng qù yúnnán lǚxíng 我想去云南旅行。

“I’d like to travel to Yunnan.”

In this lesson, we go travelling! You’ll practice describing your itinerary in Chinese, as well as purchasing tickets, and asking for directions, all are super important. 

Lesson 10 - nǐ xǐhuān zhù zài nǎr 你喜欢住在哪儿?

“Where would you like to live?”

In this lesson, places and neighbourhoods are the centre of our conversations.

The practice is focused on describing places you have been to and neighbourhoods you’d love to live in.

Lesson 6 - 10 Review

We’ve learned a lot Chinese during Lesson 6 to 10, describing people, ordering Chinese food, weekend activities, travelling and living. It’s time to do some consolidated practice.

Answer April’s questions, and have fun!

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