Chinese Course -
Chinese Reading and Writing 3

Course Aims

  • Study 50 most frequently used Chinese characters
  • Expand words and expressions made up of 170 Chinese characters
  • Practice reading and writing with longer and more expressive Chinese texts

Course Description

This Chinese writing course is the third of a series of Chinese courses, designed for non-Chinese speakers to learn Chinese reading and writing efficiently and effectively. These courses are ideal for people who have no knowledge of the Chinese writing system, and for heritage learners whose spoken Mandarin is way better than their command of reading and writing, and for those who have learned many individual Chinese characters but have not gone through any serious training on how to use them coherently.

These courses offer students more than accumulating a list of individual Chinese characters. They offer students a learning path where a small number of Chinese characters can make a significant impact.

Chinese Reading and Writing 3 teaches students 50 new Chinese characters, accompanied with a fast increase of new words and structures made up of a total of 170 characters. These newly taught vocabularies expand the reach of students’ Chinese reading and writing abilities and enable them to read and write longer and more expressive Chinese texts. 

Once students acquire enough knowledge of the Chinese writing system, they will understand that not every Chinese character can be linked with a picture, and neither is it necessary to do so. It is important to be aware that writing Chinese is not dictated by stroke orders, and that it is good to put a few methods into practice for the purpose of memorising Chinese characters.

This writing course also provides additional reading and writing exercises, strictly written within these 170 Chinese characters, for students to improve reading comprehension, to practice writing simple and clear Chinese texts, and to gauge progress they have made. 

On completing the course, students will have further developed abilities in drawing word boundaries, in deconstructing the texts and constructing the meaning. They will be able to write Chinese more fluently. This Chinese writing course will boost students’ confidence greatly and prepare them well for the next one. 

Course Duration

  • 20 - 30 class hours

Evaluation of Progress

Students are assessed based on their performance of reading and writing exercises over the entire course, in the aspects of their reading comprehension and their writing in clear and comprehensible Chinese.

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