The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit

Reinventing learning to read and write Chinese

The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit includes the Chinese Reading and Writing series (Enhanced Edition), 112 animated video lessons, and the full recordings done by native Chinese speakers.

About the textbooks

Chinese Reading and Writing series takes an unconventional approach to learning how to read and write Chinese.

No pictures are used to explain Chinese characters.

No mention of Chinese character radicals or components.

No pinyin is included in the books. 

All of the effort of the whole series is to help students develop solid Chinese reading and writing skills from the start. 

This series introduces 320 frequently used Chinese characters (19 of them are special ones with two readings), 1291 words and combinations, and 34 grammar points. The gems of this series are the exercise sections, which include 1455 sentences, 52 conversations, and 46 narratives, providing the essential and extensive Chinese reading and writing trainings needed by beginner students.

About the video lessons

Chinese Reading and Writing series is accompanied by a total of 112 animated video lessons. 

Instead of the perfect printing fonts, these video lessons use an imperfect handwritten style to demonstrate how to write Chinese characters, which can be reproduced and copied by students more easily.

Besides Chinese characters, these video lessons also explain words and combinations, and clarify Chinese grammar points. Guidance is provided in areas, such as picking out the right words from sentences, and understanding the exact meanings of a character or a word within a given context. 

All of the lessons can be watched online here or by scanning the QR codes embedded on the book pages. 

The Complete Beginner’s Chinese Reading and Writing Course Kit

About Chinese Learning Pen

Get access to full recordings done by native Chinese speakers through touches of a Chinese Learning Pen. Students can play any part of the texts at will and at ease. 

These recordings offer tremendous benefits for students to accelerate their Chinese character recognitions, to improve their Mandarin pronunciations, and to perceive the changes of sounds or tones in natural speech. And Chinese Learning Pen lends enormous flexibility, and enables students to do all that with ease.

Read the User Guide here.

Exceptional Talent

Learning support

Get inspired and enjoy a different way of learning Chinese characters, and have fun reading short Chinese stories from the very beginning.

Let learning Chinese bring a pure sense of intoxicating delight. Being immersed in pages and pages of Chinese characters and understanding them is like swimming in a cool and glittering world in a hot day.

This Course Kit is perfect for teaching yourself how to read and write Chinese. 

Follow the self-study guide to achieve the best learning result: How to self-study Chinese characters and go beyond.

Worksheets are available for additional practices.

Regular online tutoring sessions are available for Q&A and progress feedback.

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