Chinese Learning Pen launch offer for HK ending soon

Written by April Zhang on Tuesday, 14 July 2020. Posted in Front Page

Chinese Learning Pen launch offer for HK ending soon

It has been two months since we started the Chinese Learning Pen launch offer. Time flies by quickly. Two batches are all sold out. The final batch of this offer in Hong Kong, the third Batch, starts now. If you have missed the previous opportunities, act now. Offer ends on August 15, 2020.

This launch offer consists of one copy of Chinese Reading and Writing 1 (Enhanced Edition 2020) and one Chinese Learning Pen. 

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 is a beginner’s textbook for non-Chinese speakers to learn how to read and write Chinese. It is best for people who can speak some Mandarin, but have not done any Chinese reading and writing, or have learned some Chinese characters but have not done any coherent reading and writing exercises. 

This book introduces 70 Chinese characters and teaches students how to use them to express some basic ideas, such as telling time, dates, and essential daily activities. Chinese Reading and Writing 1 (Enhanced Edition 2020) is a new edition which incorporates some latest technologies. The most significant one is that it supports the usage of the Chinese Learning Pen.

Chinese Learning Pen is a pretty cool tool to have. It responds when we use it to touch the book, playing audio directly from the pages, which otherwise look just like ordinary book pages. It helps beginner students connect the images of Chinese characters with their sounds, and also trains students’ ears to all the strange sounds of Mandarin Chinese. 

This launch offer gives a super 52% discount for students in Hong Kong. Pre-ordering the bundle before August 15 can save you HK$500. Expect the delivery around mid November 2020. 

This is the last batch offered in Hong Kong. Grab your own Chinese Learning Pen and the latest version of Chinese Reading and Writing 1 before the offer ends!

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