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Written by April Zhang on Sunday, 10 May 2020. Posted in Front Page

After brooding for a long time (much longer than originally planned and intended), the most anticipated event at MSL Master is finally happening, the launch of the Chinese Learning Pen!

I am excited about Chinese Learning Pen, and its huge potential for helping students learn Chinese. For people who do not know, it is a digital device, which can bring out audio output from the printed pages, thus giving traditional books a new dimension, something old fashioned paper books did not have before.

The plan is to have the complete series of Chinese Reading and Writing books transformed and reproduced to support the use of Chinese Learning Pen. The first book completed is Chinese Reading and Writing 1. Other books in the series will follow. The beauty of the plan is that, once the Chinese Learning Pen has done its job in one book, students can use it again with the next book. If you are interested to know the differences between a regularly printed Chinese Reading and Writing 1 and a technologically enhanced one, read here.

Therefore, for anyone who purchases a Chinese Learning Pen now, rest assured that the Pen is going to be more and more useful as more books are reproduced to support the use of the Pen.

And there is no better place to launch the Chinese Learning Pen than Hong Kong, the beautiful city where I am based. Even during the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong remains to be a vibrant city. And the passion for learning has never stopped here. Just look at the long lines in front of the libraries as they re-opened after a long time closure due to the pandemic. 

Therefore, a special deal is offered to learners of Chinese in Hong Kong. Check out the launch offer details here.

Be among the first, pre-order your Chinese Learning Pen, and have fun learning Chinese.

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April Zhang

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