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Easy-to-Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 2, published!

Written by April Zhang on Monday, 21 November 2022. Posted in Chinese Writing Contest

Easy-to-Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 2, published!

The final prize for Chinese Writing Contest 2022 is coming out. It is an old fashioned paper book that gives bragging rights to all fourteen authors who have written remarkable short stories and powerful poems. 

Following the previous book in the series, the title of this book is Easy-to-Read Chinese Short Stories, Book 2. It’s ready for shipping starting Dec 1, 2022.

These fourteen authors are from seven countries. I’m glad that this book has brought them together!

When I was working on the book, I tried to arrange the sequence of all entries like songs in an album, with some inner rhythms to express the meta literature: love.

The book starts with a poem about youthful love. And it ends with a poem about matured longing. In the middle there are ups and downs, past and future, mysteries and everyday lives, questions and answers, happiness and loneliness, friends and families, memories and expectations.

I hope you’ll enjoy this sequence. From beginners to advanced Chinese language learners, there is something for everyone. 

As the book is finishing up, ready to be shipped, let’s give all authors another round of applause. They all have their own styles and their own unique ways to share their beliefs. Their efforts and achievements are fully recognised. 

These authors are (according the sequence in the book):

  1. Yeoh Sue-Ann, from Malaysia
  2. James Kennedy, from the United Kingdom
  3. Hazel Till, from New Zealand 
  4. Isabelle Johns, from Australia
  5. Germaine Di Pey Qi, from Malaysia
  6. Gregory DuQuella MD, from the United States. 
  7. Grace Xiao, from the United States
  8. Brihat Dhital, from Australia
  9. Shinnel Ferary, from Canada
  10. Jett Coom, from Australia
  11. Jasmine Wang, from the United States
  12. Belle Spicer, from Australia
  13. Gale Lichter, from the United States
  14. Eliza Cuihua, from China


The cover art of the book is a steampunk fish, which is inspired by Hazel’s story, Three Fish. The language of the story is super simple, and characters are vivid. It is a mystery that deals with our inner fear and also leaves so much room for readers’ imagination. Mine is a steampunk fish that is purely imaginary. 

The audio of the complete Chinese language version of the book is available online. Hazel’s story is presented as a sample story for all to enjoy.

This book is in simplified Chinese, pinyin and English. 

Can’t wait to read it? 

Order a copy today!

About the Author

April Zhang

April Zhang

April Zhang is the founder of MSL Master and she enjoys teaching and interacting with students. She constantly explores new and interesting ways of teaching Chinese through creative and imaginative activities.

With her help, many students have achieved outstanding result, which has enriched their understanding about China and has significantly contributed to their work.