Free your eyes and train your ears with Mandarin audio lessons

Written by April Zhang on Sunday, 11 April 2021. Posted in Front Page

Free your eyes and train your ears with Mandarin audio lessons

A great way to improve Chinese listening skills is to use ears to learn Chinese first, eyes second. This is especially important for beginner students who are so often baffled by all the similar tones and many look-alike pinyin words. To achieve that, audio lessons are a wonderful tool students should look into. That’s exactly what I’m currently working on. Following the previous release of Mandarin Express Intro Level A audio lessons, I’m happy to announce that Intro Level B audio lessons have just been made available!

In these twelve newly released Mandarin audio lessons, more essential topics are covered, such as jobs, describing people, rooms and furniture, life events, and so on. 

On top of the audio lessons, students are supported by Mandarin Express Intro Level B Student’s Book and Work Book. Student’s Book is good for checking out the written script later and for working on some basic exercises, and Work Book is terrific for getting the necessary re-enforcement.

The following routine is recommended:

  • Listen to an audio lesson, and listen again if necessary.
  • Listen, repeat, and talk back
  • Use the Student’s Book as reference after listening to the audio lesson, and complete basic exercises provided in the book.
  • Complete exercises in the Work Book. 
  • Start the next audio lesson. 

For further speaking exercises, check out these short videos, and use them as cues to practice speaking Chinese. Online group tutoring is scheduled regularly. Come and join one occasionally to ask questions and check Work Book answers, which, by the way, probably have multiple correct answers. 

Anyone who hasn’t tried audio lessons should give it a go. Audio lessons are an effective way to learn Chinese, and also allow students to have a better control over when and where to learn Chinese. Repeat after these audio lessons or talk back before going to bed, or create a learning environment while riding in a crowded train. Students can truly free their eyes and hands from the textbooks and concentrate on using the ears while learning Chinese. 

The cost of following Mandarin audio lessons is so much cheaper than following Chinese teachers. A combination of audio lessons, exercises in the Work Books, and some group tutoring will bring out fantastic result, while keeping the cost low.

Listen to two of the latest release here.

An introductory 15% discount is available now for purchasing these Mandarin audio lessons. Offer ends on May 15, 2021. Don’t miss out!

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April Zhang

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She wrote two series of Chinese textbooks, Mandarin Express series and Chinese Reading and Writing series, which are relevant and highly effective for non-Chinese speakers to learn Mandarin Chinese. She also adapted the two series of textbooks into video and audio lessons to enable more students to learn Chinese wherever they are.


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