Give the gift of learning Chinese for this holiday season

Written by April Zhang on Friday, 04 December 2020. Posted in Front Page

Give the gift of learning Chinese for this holiday season

This incredible, or incredulous, year of 2020 is coming to an end. We have probably collectively wasted countless hours on nothing. Now the holiday season is around the corner. Let’s make a little change, let’s give the gift of learning Chinese to students, friends and families.

This year has been difficult for most of us. While cooped up in the house most of the time, while many things are uncertain, yet it has become a habit for us to know the latest coronavirus infections everyday. In this pandemic, more free time seems to have become a problem. Many people said before that they wanted to spend more time with their family. But, after spending 24/7 with their family for a few months, they find their family members annoying. Many people said they wanted some time to write a book. But, after they finally have the time they need, they spend it all on TV or video games. We definitely don’t need to say “I wish I had more time for ...” any more!

This pandemic is also a stress test, testing us how we can respond to the challenges more calmly and more intelligently. We wear masks and frequently wash hands. We observe the social distancing rules. 

Somebody summarised the key learnings of the year as the following: 

  • Life is short
  • Job is not secure
  • Save money while you can

While these are all true, but they are also quite negative, putting us in a box and making us scared. We can not get our heads together if we are constantly afraid or worried that we are going to get infected with this COVID virus. While doing all the necessaries to keep us safe, we should also look for ways to make us better. And learning Chinese makes a good option and offers good gift ideas.

I have the following suggestions:

  • Online Chinese writing lessons. Free. This is my gift to all Chinese learners who want to learn how to read and write Chinese, but so far are overwhelmed by the large quantity of Chinese characters. Learning how to read and write Chinese can be efficient, effective, and in small doses. My goal is not to teach anyone hundreds of Chinese characters which they don’t know how to use. My goal is to help beginner students develop solid Chinese reading and writing skills starting with a small number of Chinese characters. So far, four Chinese courses are fully developed and uploaded online, covering Chinese Reading and Writing 1-4, which teach 220 Chinese characters (6 of them are special ones), 716 words and combinations, 28 grammar points, guidance for working on the exercises, and many end-of-chapter challenges. Watch them all here. Online lessons for Chinese Reading and Writing 5 are coming. Stay tuned.  
  • Chinese writing worksheets (PDF files). HKD38~47. These worksheets are correlated with the Chinese Reading and Writing series, providing extra exercises for students to practice reading and writing Chinese, re-enforcing what they have learned. Also, as these worksheets are PDF documents, they are literally a few clicks away. Place order here.
  • Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack. HKD665 (this offer ends on Dec 25, 2020) This is a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to learn how to read and write Chinese. Audios, textbooks, and online Chinese lessons, all are included. It costs a fraction of what people usually pay for the equivalent amount of lessons. The only hiccup is that people will have to pre-order it first, then wait for a few months before they can enjoy it! However, a little bit of waiting is justified by the deep discount they’re getting. Find out more details here.
  • Learning Chinese Well Organised. HKD176. It’s a learning journal dedicated for learning Chinese, helping students find time and space to learn amid all the distractions in the world and all the notifications flashing across all the electronic devices. Find out more about it here.

Let’s make the best of the coming year! 

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